Learn with your friends and get gifts
and rewards!

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The best place to learn and earn rewards!

Learnn is a learning social network for children. Children engage with learning tasks like quizzes, flash cards, games and competitions with their friends and are rewarded with gems, tokens and real gifts and rewards.

Learning is Fun here.

We mean it when we say learning is fun!

Maintain Learning Streaks

Maintain weekly and monthly streaks and get the chance to join competitions for actual gifts and rewards!

Get gems and tokens

Receive gift tokens and gems as you complete your daily streaks, group tasks, game contests and competition activities.

Join competitions

Join our daily, weekly and monthly competitions and stand a chance to win gifts like KFC vouchers, books, data and airtime etc.

Learn with your friends

Join study circles with your friends. Compete with each other and win together in team challenges and contests.

Learning is gamified, fun and full of rewards.

Learn and compete with your friends in a fun and engaging atmosphere as you win gifts also.

Learning content is customized with AI and Teacher Assistants.

Everything you learn is customized as you want it using artificial inteligence. We also engage top top teachers to help assist you as you study!

Parents know what their kids are learning and their peformance.

We also keep parents updated on the peformance and learning activities of their wards!

What our kids are saying!

The learning experience is always fun and exciting!

Caleb Addy

Light of the World School

Laureen Darkwa

Light of the World School

Angela Adjavon

Light of the World School

Learn with your friends and get gifts
and rewards!

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